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River Tyme Bistro’s last day of service will be 12.22.22. Thank you for your support these past two years. We will miss you đź’™


Bistro Restaurant Winter Hours
M: 9-3 | T: Closed | W: Closed | Th & F & S & Su: 9-3

The patio is open whenever it makes sense.

Limited Menu Available through December.


River Tyme Tours & Bistro's Mission

To provide excellent cruise and land-based experiences. This

means providing outstanding customer service in beautiful, engaging, relaxing and educational

atmospheres for our guests. Our guests are the lifeblood of our business. Our top goal is to

serve them attentively, courteously, and promptly.

Special Events

Gift the gift of the River .... and good food .... and good time spent .....

We happily will help you gift your loved ones with some floating in a boat experience, or a tasty culinary experience, or both. Our De Pere boat has been sold, it was time for her to go so that can concentrate on Appleton’s Boat and Bistro. We are in the process of making some great and fun changes – worth checking us out – and worth gifting!

If you would like an actual card card to give as a gift, just leave a note in your reservation or stop into River Tyme Bistro.


River Tyme Bistro Special Events

This year, we are changing our tactic and having our winter hours be Thursday- Monday 9-3. This allows for evenings to be event focused. When we don’t have private events, we will host our own exclusive, coursed, dinners!

Hold your family or corporate event at River Tyme!

We have put together a great group of  staff to create the River Tyme Events Team. They are curating special menus and experiences for a variety of options for corporate or family holiday parties, celebration of life parties, business meetings, sales rep dinners, etc. Your group will have a great time, we promise! (We have many smiling brides and moms and CEOs to back up this claim). We want nothing more than to be your go to location!

River Tyme Events Menu

Holiday Event Menu

Efficient Events Menu (3 – 4 day lead time)

Contact Us

Contact us online using the form below or call 920.903.1415.


Follow Along

River Tyme Bistro
River Tyme Bistro1 month ago
We are permanently closed. Thank you for all of your love and support! We had an amazing time and loved serving you!
River Tyme Bistro
River Tyme Bistro2 months ago
If you’ve been in to visit this month, you’ve noticed that we are running a limited menu through the end of the year. This is because we simply don’t know what the future holds for River Tyme.

At the end of December, the business will be closed unless there is a buyer. Either way, River Tyme Bistro as we’ve known it for the past 2 years, will be no more. We’re optimistic that Santa will bring us a buyer for Christmas, but we wanted to continue to be transparent with you as the month continues so you have a chance to stop in one last time.

For now, we will continue to operate as close to our normal hours as possible. As we work with a bare-bones staff, there may be days we close early. We hope you will understand and encourage you to call ahead if you are coming towards the end of the day. We have two special dinners for you to enjoy before the end of the year, “Behind the Music: Michael Grabner” on December 17th features music from Michael as well as a custom menu of his favorite meals, and “Charlie Brown Christmas Dinner & a Show” is December 22 and we brought back the Braised Short Ribs with Rumbledethumps, in addition to a special Risotto!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support as we navigate these waters. We hope to see you all over the next couple of weeks! We will not be open Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and at this time, we do not plan to be open the week after.
River Tyme Bistro
River Tyme Bistro2 months ago
Many are wondering what is going on with us. Here is the answer, after a bit of back story.

I have Parkinson’s Disease. I was diagnosed 16 years ago at age 38. After an initial period of shock and worry and grief, I adopted the mantra of Keep On Keepin’ On. I went on medication, but other than that, pretty much gave it as little thought as possible.

I went full force into doing what I love - bringing projects to life that have a focus on the great river that runs through our lives and bringing people together in community.

Fast forward to owning and operating 2 river boats and then a restaurant. Add to that all the challenges that hit over the last couple of years, and all the challenges of simply running a restaurant and event space. The stress of the entirety of it all proved slowly to be too much. I began having more hours in each day where the medications didn’t quite work as well. Dopamine is the chemical which is greatly lacking due to Parkinson’s, and that means all of the emotional upset and tears and stress have little chemical balance. Movement and functioning became more difficult. I was truly worried that the progression of the disease was starting to accelerate. It became obvious that it was too much for me.

Accepting that reality took a few months. Trying different approaches to relieve some of the pressure, but keep going as much as possible is largely what you have seen manifest in closing on Wednesdays and then the long thanksgiving break. But, none of those were enough. I realized for my health and my time with family and the good of the business and the space, I needed to step away from managing and owning the bistro.

I love it still and will be around as a consultant and a customer and a friend. Please keep on coming to see us! Please understand that we are going thru a transition period and will figure things out as soon as we ….. they are able. The plan is to be consistent with hours and days open, to find the right scale and size of operation to make it sustainable, and to keep the same gestalt and same great food, so that it continues to be your favorite spot. Thank you for caring and thank you for continuing to support River Tyme Bistro, Fox River Tours, and most of all, me. Candice

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