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The Dam Event Space

As you may or may not know, we are actually boat people. We have been running the passenger
boat in De Pere since 2015 and the one in Appleton since 2018. We love bringing people to the
water!! That is the reason we started the Bistro, to be able to do just that, all year around.
Our years of planning events on the boats bring a bit of a different way to run events. We do
whatever it takes to help you have the best event that you can possibly have and know that you
will enjoy it just that much more because you held it by the river! Part of that enjoyment comes
from us making sure that the process is as stress-free as possible. As if you were simply holding
the gathering in your favorite aunt?s house, (or on her boat) – very comfortable and easy.
That being said, have no fear, because your aunt is a wonderful chef! Our kitchen crew will
create the culinary experience that you envision, or even better. We are blessed to have them on
our team!

Now, we bet you would like some information! Hopefully, we answer most of your questions

Dam Room Accommodations:

? Newly renovated gathering place in the historic Atlas Mill along the Fox River in Appleton, WI
? Wonderful views of the rushing water just below the dam, bringing you the sights and sounds
of the river like no other place in the area!
? Local, custom built, reclaimed maple and steel dining tables
? Padded, sturdy non-folding wood chairs
? Depending on group size, access to hand crafted pottery
? Seating during non-COVID is 120. We will work on room configuration to best seat the number
of guests you are bringing in, taking into consideration flow and social distancing


Dam Room Rate:

Holding the Date and Time:
$150 refundable deposit will do just that. Food deposit is needed closer to the date of the event. Of
course, the earlier you book, the more likely it is that your date is available. Once booked, we are happy
to meet to discuss all that needs to be discussed at any point. At the latest, we will reach out one month
prior to the event to get the ball rolling.
? Room Deposit of $150 is due 2-3 weeks after booking, preferably 4 -6 weeks prior to event
? Food Deposit will consist of 1/2 of the expected food bill
? Final Guest Count and Food Deposit are due 2 weeks prior to the event
? Balance of Food Bill and Bar Bill are due the night of the event.


This can make or break an event. We will make it! Our wonderful team will work with you to make sure
that your culinary experience matches your vision, or even exceeds it, by hand-crafting the perfect menu
with select offerings that are customized to the seasons and your needs.
Let us know early on if there are any dietary restrictions, and we will work to offer appropriate
Please see our catering menu on the following pages. Prices are listed.


We have no packages per se, you pay for what you consume. If you would like some bulk cocktails, we
can do that. Have your dad?s favorite whiskey on hand, we can do that. A keg of Schlitz, we can do that.
Host 1 or 2 drinks for your guests, or host during the dinner hours, and then have a cash bar after – we
can do that. We will work to make your event work, and you simply pay the tab that night.
Please see our bar menu on the following pages as well. Prices are listed.


We pay our crew a living wage and think that that should be the norm in the service industry. We charge
$20 per hour per person for each planning, set up, service, and tear down hour that is incurred. Have no
fear, we will not dawdle.



No tip nor gratuity is added to your bill for you. The whole idea of a gratuity, in our minds, is that it
offers a way for the customer to directly communicate their pleasure or displeasure. We will work hard
to make sure there is no displeasure – and we want you to control the amount you use to show your
level of happiness with the job we do.
Food, preparation, presentation and service all go into the success of your event. We ask that you take a
moment and consider how to divide your tip amount. Chef, Kitchen Staff, Event Coordinator,
Servers, Bartenders

Cancelation Policy:

What are you thinking? Why would you want to cancel?!? We request cancellations for private events
be made at least 30 days prior to your scheduled event date. Reservation deposits will be refunded or
applied toward a future reservation, whichever floats your boat; but before that, we will need to take
out any expenses that have already been incurred for event planners, catering, entertainment, and
related services. Cancellations 2 weeks or less prior to the event date will likely forfeit the down
payment, unless we haven?t done anything for the event yet (and then you shouldn?t celebrate with us
anyway!). Please call if you have questions or concerns, and we?d be happy to work with you.
Now, we would like some information from you ?..
What type of event are you planning?
Do you have an estimated number of guests?
Do you have a dedicated date and time for the event, or multiple dates from which to
Do you have an estimated budget or price per person?
Are you working with any outside vendors or event planners?
Are there any allergies or dietary restrictions you are aware of?
Do you have any specific menu requests?
What is the timing for the event?


Policies and Guidelines:

1. River Tyme Chefs make all food items fresh, therefore we don?t really have quantities available
for tastings. But, the good news is, that many of our offerings are on our current menu, so come
and join us for lunch or dinner. If you absolutely, positively need to try a particular something, we
will work out a way to do that, but a charge will come with it. Buffet and family-style food items
(considered ?left-over?) provided by River Tyme will not be allowed to be packaged or taken off-
site due to food safety regulations and to reduce the risk of foodborne illness, unless a liability
waiver is signed. We know, we hate the legal stuff as much as you do, but they tell us it?s
2. We ask that you not tape anything on the walls or tables, that you not bring in anything with
glitter on it nor little confetti pieces – they are awful to get rid of all together.
3. All events begin with a start and end time. We hope that you are having such a good time that
you don?t want to leave! Just keep in mind, that this will add hourly charges for the wait staff
and hopefully will increase your tip to them.
4. We have put much love and attention and effort into designing and decorating his dam space for
you to enjoy. Please take care of it like it is your own. If things get broken or damaged, beyond
the occasional, the fee to fix or replace will be passed on to you.
5. Once you have an event with us, you are part of the River Tyme Family! We will be at your house
for dinner next week!

So, what about the food?

At River Tyme, we understand consistent excellence in the food we serve and in the services we
provide is the true key to your enjoyment.
We also believe that creative presentation is an important part of the overall experience, and
needs to be executed with thoughtfulness and care. You see that in the dining tables and pottery
we chose, the details that our event staff will concentrate on, and the way the food is prepared
and presented.
We work with local vendors to procure the freshest ingredients and everything is made from-
scratch in our kitchen. That is why we request at least 3-4 weeks lead time if at all possible for
catered events.

Breakfast (serves approximately 20 guests)

Mini Frittatas?Individual sized frittata mixture with your choice of veggies or meat, gourmet cheeses &
our cream cheese buttery crust $80
RiverTyme Strata? Traditional breakfast casserole with eggs, bread, gourmet cheeses and your choice of
meat or vegetables $80
Waffle Bar. . . Made-to-order waffles served with a variety of fruit and toppings $60
Tea Bread or Spelt French Toast Sticks. . . French toast sticks made with either our homemade tea bread
or homemade spelt bread. Served with housemade jam, butter, and syrup $60
BAPS Platter. . . BAPS are a traditional Scottish roll, made in house. The rolls are filled with house-made
tomato jam and thick cut bacon $60
A La Carte Breakfast
Muffins. . . $2
Tea Bread. . . $2
Scones. . . $3
Croissants. . . $1.50
Cinnamon Rolls. . . $3
Yogurt Parfait (yogurt, berries, homemade granola). . . $4.50
Monkey Bread (serves ~15). . . $25
Side of Housemade Jam. . . $.50


Soup and Bread

Your choice of soup with agreed upon ingredients (~20 servings) $30-$50, varies based on soup variety.
Fresh Baguette $5 per loaf
Housemade Scottish BAPS Rolls or Brioche Rolls $1.50 each
Salads (serves approximately 20 guests)
RiverTyme Salad. . . Organic spring mix, shaved carrot, tomato, croutons, cucumbers & House
Vinaigrette $60
Seasonal Salad. . . Seasonal fruit, greens, gourmet cheeses, and nuts $70
Pasta Salad…Noodles, Spinach, Feta Cheese, Tomatoes, Onion $40
BYO Salad. . . Let us know which ingredients you would like. Price varies based on ingredients.
Because our menu changes with the season, our entree options for events do too! Please check out our
normal restaurant menu for current options, or let us know what you?re looking for! Our kitchen staff is
extremely flexible and always look forward to creating the perfect menu for your event. Plated meals
and buffet available for just about any budget.
Scotch Ham and Rumbledethumps. . . Traditional Scottish ham braised on Scotch for over 2 hours. Served
with a side of Scottish Rumbledethumps, which are a mashed potato dish with cabbage and onions and
topped with cheese $15
Moroccan Spiced Couscous and Beef Kabobs. . . 3 ground beef kabobs seasoned with onion, cilantro,
fresh mint, and ginger, atop our Spiced Veggie Couscous and served with a side of raita for dipping and a
warm pita. $15
Beef Pot Roast and Potatoes. . . Beef Chuck Roast, roasted carrots, mashed potatoes & beef gravy $14
Chicken Cacciatore. . . Chicken thighs roasted in a rich and rustic tomato-based sauce with mushrooms,
tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and black olives. Served over pasta. $15
Macaroni and Cheese. . . Creamy macaroni and cheese made in house! $10 (Add chicken for $4)
**We can accommodate most requests (including buffet style options), just ask!!**

Appetizers (each platter serves approximately 20 guests)

Meze Platter? House-made hummus, marinated feta cheese, carrot slaw, roasted olives, and pickled
cucumbers served with warm pita wedges and/or vegetables $55
Meat & Cheese Plate? A variety of meats and cheeses. Looking for something specific? Just ask! $50
Vegetable Tray…Assortment of vegetables and House Dip $40
Fruit Bowl. . . Assortment of fresh fruits and berries $50
Tomato Basil Bruschetta? Served on house-made toasted crostini $40
Shrimp Cocktail Shooters? Medium Shrimp on a skewer placed on a shot glass filled with homemade
cocktail sauce $80
Artichoke Dip (Served Hot)? Homemade Artichoke Dip served with Grilled Pita Bread.
Caprese Skewers. . . Fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil drizzled with a balsamic reduction $55
Stuffed Mushroom Caps. . . Portabella mushroom caps filled with an herbed cream cheese and
mushroom blend topped with bread crumbs $40
Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus. . . Grilled asparagus wrapped in prosciutto $55
Chicken Salad Tarts. . . House chicken salad stuffed in phyllo tarts or on house-made crostini $50
Stuffed Peppadew Peppers. . . Peppadew peppers stuffed with cream cheese and herbs $35
Hummus Platter. . . House-made hummus with pitas and/or vegetables $70
Sandwiches & Wraps (each platter serves approximately 20 guests)
Build a Platter. . . Build up to two different sandwiches or wraps for your platter. $80
Protein: Ham, Turkey, Chicken Salad (extra charge), or Hummus
Bread: Croissant, Brioche, BAPS, Spelt, Flour or Whole Wheat Wrap
Cheese: Cheddar, Provolone
Vegetables: Lettuce, Spinach, Tomato, Onion
Sauce: Mayonnaise, Yellow Mustard, Dijon Mustard, Aioli

*Box Lunch. . . Your choice sandwich (up to two per group), side (Pasta Salad, Hummus with pita or
veggies, veggies and River Tyme Ranch, Cup of Soup for $2), and a River Tyme Chocolate Chip Cookie $14
Here at RiverTyme Bistro, we have several pastry chefs in house, so we take a lot of pride in our baked
goods. Our flavors for all items are flexible and we are always open to requests.
Cookie Platter. . . $40 (24 cookies, variety of flavors available)
Fudge Brownie. . .$25 per pan (~15 pieces)
Mini Cheesecakes. . . $30 per dozen plain, cost varies for flavored
Chocolate Layer Cake. . . $35 per cake (~8 pieces)
Lemon Bars. . . $25 per pan (~15 bars)
Carrot Cake Cupcakes. . . $20 per dozen (additional flavored cupcakes available, just ask!)
Meskouta. . . traditional Moroccan lemon cake $20 (~8 large pieces)
Seasonal Creme Brulee. . . $50 per dozen

Themed Family Style Meals

American Style Tacos (ground beef) $15
Mexican Style (pork and/or veggie) $17
Served with: Tortillas, lettuce, sour cream, Monterey Jack cheese, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos,
cilantro lime rice, corn pico di gallo, house salsa, corn tortilla chips, black beans
Veggie Lasagna or Pasta con Pomodoro $15
Italian Sausage Lasagna or Chicken Cacciatore $17
SIdes: Italian anti salad or antipasto plate, breadsticks or baguette, garlic oil dip, pesto,
parmesan cheese